SEG Annual Meeting Dallas 2016

seg16-logoVisit us at the SEG Conference in Dallas starting 16th Oct to 21st Oct 2016. Our digital borehole geophone BGK1000 will be presented by Geotomographie GmbH at the GISCO booth #924. Its a good opportunity to meet our colleague Sonja Mackens and to discuss applications of borehole seismics. See you soon.

DGG 2016 Münster

BGK 1000 is presented over 4 days in the exhibition of the 76. Annual convention of Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft in Münster, Germany, 14 – 17.03.2016.

Geotomographie rental and exhibition manager Rochus Souan and Clemens on the booth.

Günther Druivenga and Clemens talking about joint application with Günthers new surface vibrator source ELVIS.

Hydrophone completes BGK1000 to 4 components

The new hydrophone can be used in borehole sections where clamping is impossible. It has a flat frequency response from 10 Hz up to several kilohertz, see Data Sheet BGK1000-H.

The new geophone-hydrophone pair concept takes advantage of different signal properties of the recorded pressure waves. Downwave and upwave amplitudes are in phase when recorded by a hydrophone, and are in antiphase when recorded by a geophone.