Digital Borehole Geophone

BGK1000 is a digital data acquisition system for borehole seismic surveys. It consists of the BGK1000 Probe, the BGK1000 Trigger Unit and Acquisition software on a Windows PC.

The BGK1000 Probe is the heart of the acquisition system. It features a rich set of sensors i. g. 3 geophones, hydrophone, compass, connected to powerful electronic boards incl. 24‐bit AD‐converter and DSP. Due to a strong clamping arm it ensures high quality results even in critical boreholes. It operates on standard 4‐ conductor logging cable up to 2,000 m depth and in borehole diameters up to 250 mm (10 “).

The BGK1000 Trigger Unit is the RS‐485 bus master and communicates with the Probe over two wires of the logging cable. It also supplies the Probe with 72 V DC. The Trigger Unit is controlled from a PC via USB and needs a 12 V 3 A DC power supply. A trigger event synchronizes data acquisition in the Probe. A reference geophone at the surface allows precise timing analyses.

A laptop with acquisition software controls the data survey, communicates with the trigger unit via USB and stores the seismic data records in SEG‐2 files.

The surface equipment is usually a winch with logging cable and a seismic source (drop‐weight or vibrator). The seismic source produces seismic waves in the underground and emits a trigger signal from a piezo or a hammer switch.



Main features

  • Probe with three geophones (3C) see Data Sheet BGK1000 or
  • Probe with additional hydrophone (4C) see Data Sheet BGK1000H
  • Ideal for VSP-surveys in depth down to 2000 m
  • Runs on standard 4 conductor wireline

Probe mechanics

  • Length = 0.8 m
  • Diameter = 60 mm
  • Weight in air = 8 kg
  • Pressure = 200 bar
  • Temperature = 0 – 70 C
  • Clamping range  up to 200 mm
  • Clamping force = 240 N
  • Clamping time full range = 30 s
  • Cable head = Gearhard Owen 4 pin


Probe sensorsIMG_0584klein

  • Geophones Sunfull PSO15-8000
  • Compass Honeywell HMC6352
  • DC-Motor Maxon 12 V 6 W

Probe electronicsIMG_0603klein

  • Supply voltage: 36-72 V DC, 60 mA (stand by)
  • Communication: 2 wire RS-485
  • A/D Converter: 4  channel 24 Bit delta sigma
  • Sample rate = 48 kS/s
  • Downhole oversampling
  • Trace length max = 65.000 samples (65 sec. at 1 ms)
  • DSP = Blackfin 548, 64MB SDRAM
  • Selectable clamping force


Trigger Unit

  • Supply Voltage: 12 V DC 0.5 A
  • USB
  • One channel uphole geophone
  • Trigger input TTL pulse
  • Connectors to winch
  • 4 conductor logging cable
    • Armor is GND
    • +72 V on line 2+4
    • RS-485 on line 1+3



 Windows Software VSP-Tool

  • Runs on XP, Vista, Win7, Win8
  • SEG2 Data files
  • Colored wiggle trace display



BGK1000 User Manual



The BGK1000 is manufactured by HINZ Messtechnik GmbH and distributed by Geotomographie GmbH