Vintage Fluid-resistivity / Temperature (SalTemp) Tools upgraded

Thermistor and ring electrodes of the fluid cell

Valuable SalTemp-tools, built in the eighties by Geocom, got an new life and are back in business with excellent specifications.

Conductivity: 0.050 to 250mS/cm with 1µS/cm resolution
Temperature: 0 to 70°C with 0.001°C resolution
Logger: Antares Aladin DIMGC
Communication: Geocom 16 bit digital
Power: 100mA constant current
Cable: mono or 4-conductor

SalTemp-Probe build by Geocom in 1988

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VibroSeis VSP in Spain

Our Digital Borehole Geophone BGK1000 is just back from a 14 days mission in mineral mines in Andalusia, Spain.

Clemens with his portable equipment

The BGK1000 System including operator was rented by HiSeis. HiSeis is a leading international seismic services company that specialises in cost-effective, high-definition seismic reflection techniques utilising the latest equipment and technology. Vertical seismic profiling (VSP) is integral part of their surface seismic surveys.

The BGK1000 probe was applied in several boreholes up to 500 m depth, using a winch with 1500 m logging cable. The seismic source was a 30 ton Inova Vibrator. The BGK1000 Trigger Unit was seamless interfaced to the Pelton VibPro Encoder. More than 150 data sets of correlated data were acquired with 4 uphole channels and 4 downhole channels.

Two HiSeis crew members were trained on the BGK1000 System and they were impressed by the portability, the easy user interface, the high production rate, and the freedom from interference of any electrical noise.

DGG 2017 Annual Meeting Potsdam, Germany

BGK1000 Digital 3C Geophone System was presented at the exhibition booth of Geotomographie in Campus Griebnitzsee of the University of Potsdam 27th – 30th March 2017. The 77. annual meeting of Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft was organized by German Research Centre of Geosciences (GFZ).

Also on the booth: the new BHC1000 24-channel Digital Hydrophone String and the new SBS1000 Borehole Seismic Source.

On the boot of Geotomographie

Several promising discussions of seismic noise measurements with Multistation Borehole Geophons and aspects of high frequency seismic vibro sources.

Faroe Islands Fishery uses High Performance Hydrophone

On a four days mission in March 2017 the High Performance 24 Bit Digital Hydrophone records sound in 100 m depth. The recordings created new insights for this century-old problem of the success of catching fish.

Digital Hydrophone with 100 m cable

The Digital Hydrophone is completely EMI-immune to powerline (50 Hz) or radio transmitter (RF) noise on the ship. Due to the very low input noise and the very high dynamic range it produces professionell data files in Waveform Audio Format (.wav)  format with 48 kSamples and 24 bit resolution.

Clemens letting his hydrophone down

Measurements on three fisherboats in Runavík and  Klaksvík to show the fisherman what kind of noises are produced on their boat while fishing.

Jakup Lamhauge and Clemens discussing recorded signals

The mission received strong interest also from media and the Marine Research Institute. The next set of experiments is planned in August 2017.
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New Vibro-Firmware launch event with LIAG


At the launch event together with LIAG in Hannover, Germany, Dr. Ulrich Polom was especially impressed by the performance of the downhole correlation, the results in real-time, and the intuitive user interface of the uphole software.

Perfect comparison of correlation results
Perfect comparison of correlation results

At the borehole in Hannover

  • LIAG team and BGK1000 at the borehole

New BGK1000 Vibro Firmware launched

clockhalveThe new vibro firmware for our digital borehole geophone BGK1000 performes correlation and stacking directly in the sonde, cutting vibro survey times down to a half or less.

The new vibro firmware highlights include:

  • Downhole stacking and correlation in each unit
  • Trace length of sixty-five seconds (@ 1000 Samples per second)
  • Extra long sweeps of more than sixty seconds
  • Sixteen stacks of sixty-five seconds
  • Correlation of stacking results, stacking of correlation results
  • Real time noise monitoring, quality control journal

The new vibroseis upgrade is now available as add-on to new and existing BGK1000 systems.

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