VibroSeis VSP in Spain

Our Digital Borehole Geophone BGK1000 is just back from a 14 days mission in mineral mines in Andalusia, Spain.

Clemens with his portable equipment

The BGK1000 System including operator was rented by HiSeis. HiSeis is a leading international seismic services company that specialises in cost-effective, high-definition seismic reflection techniques utilising the latest equipment and technology. Vertical seismic profiling (VSP) is integral part of their surface seismic surveys.

The BGK1000 probe was applied in several boreholes up to 500 m depth, using a winch with 1500 m logging cable. The seismic source was a 30 ton Inova Vibrator. The BGK1000 Trigger Unit was seamless interfaced to the Pelton VibPro Encoder. More than 150 data sets of correlated data were acquired with 4 uphole channels and 4 downhole channels.

Two HiSeis crew members were trained on the BGK1000 System and they were impressed by the portability, the easy user interface, the high production rate, and the freedom from interference of any electrical noise.